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Wide Area Network

The main objective of this project is to provide Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to Nigerian tertiary institutions to access broadband Internet and other IT services such as IP telephony and IP surveillance systems. The project is aimed at facilitating a digital lifestyle in tertiary institutions. The Agency has deployed fourteen (14) of these projects at various institutions across the nation between 2015 and 2017.


  • To enhance the abilities of higher institutions to access information, manage local level information and disseminate this information globally;
  • To create an enabling environment that will nurture Innovation and Academic excellences;
  • To enhance the capacity to develop programs that promote self-employment and entrepreneurship;
  • To provide & promote professional IT skill to undergraduates so that they are equipped with industry oriented quality education and training;
  • To bridge the gap with graduates and undergraduates in neighbouring towns, states, countries or abroad through the Internet and e-mail; and
  • To develop of local capacity in the areas of computing, software development and encourage innovation amongst proponents for the development of the Nigerian ICT industry.