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Registration of Contractors & Service Providers

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is mandated by its Act to provide standards (see Guidelines for Registration of Contractors & Service Providers) for Information Technology (IT) and to develop local capacity in ICT for Nigeria.  Therefore, pursuant to this mandate, the Agency shall register Information Technology (IT) Service Providers/Consultants and Contractors to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government. The registration process is to ensure the delivery of quality and sustainable projects to the government, to deepen professionalism in IT services and to ensure the development of quality Indigenous IT companies in Nigeria.

IT Service Providers/Consultants and their various capabilities registered through this process will be listed in the National Database of Indigenous IT companies in Nigeria.

Therefore, the following process and conditions are hereby issued for Registration as IT Service Providers/Consultants to the Federal MDAs:

  • Complete and upload all relevant information and documents on the registration portal at  iicp.nitda.gov.ng 
  • Submit the completed form with all accompanying documents stipulated in the form and a duly signed application Letter (addressed to the Director General of NITDA) to the Director General’s Registry;
  • The applicant shall be issued a provisional registration certificate valid for an initial period of 6 (six) months, if the Agency is satisfied that all registration requirements stipulated in the guidelines are met.
  • A formal report or letter, containing advice/recommendations on how to comply with all registration requirements stipulated in the guidelines, will be sent to an applicant who (in the opinion of the Agency) failed to satisfy all registration requirements.
  • The Agency shall carry out verification to ascertain the veracity of all information and documents submitted by the applicant. Subsequently the Agency shall issue the applicant a substantive registration certificate which shall be valid for a period of 2  (two) years  commencing from  the  initial  date of  issuance of  provisional certificate.
  • The Agency shall revoke applicant’s provisional license and refuse the issuance of a substantive registration certificate, if satisfied that any, some or all documents submitted by the applicant are fabricated/untrue.
  • All applications for renewal of substantive registration certificates must be submitted at least 3 months before the expiration of issued certificates.
  • All IT service Providers/Consultants issued substantive registration certificates will be listed in the NITDA’s National Database for Indigenous IT companies.