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E-Learning Facilities

The e-Learning platform (also known as a Course Management System (CMS), or Learning Management Systems (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)) comes in a number of editions, designed to assist with the creation of learning communities by offering various opportunities for collaboration and interaction through an icon-based user interface. The platform offers tools for content creation, test building, assignments management, reporting, internal messaging, forum, chat, surveys, calendar and others.



  • Increase access to learning opportunities/increase flexibility.
  • Enhance the general quality of teaching/learning.
  • Develop the skills and competencies needed, and also ensure that learners have the digital literacy skills required in their discipline, profession or career – or, put simply, to get work in the future
  • Meet the learning styles/needs of millennial students
  • Stay at the leading edge of educational technology developments/ digitalize all learning – or put another way, to respond to the technological imperative
  • De-institutionalize learning/to enable self-managed learning.

The project is aimed at facilitating a digital lifestyle in the institutions as well as in the institution communities. Beneficiaries are expected to share these facilities with their surrounding communities on a commercial basis to support maintenance and ensure the sustainability of the project.