These regulatory instruments are proposed based on the regulatory mandate of NITDA which is predicated on section 6 (a) of the NITDA 2007 ACT.

The National Cloud Computing Policy: which was announced by NITDA in 2019, is expected to be activated by this proposed strategy. The implementation solves the issues of efficiently obtaining and deploying computer resources across various industries.

National Digital Literacy Framework: Nigeria has a vision of ensuring that 95% of Nigerians are digitally literate by 2030. It aims to set a digital literacy and skills agenda for Nigeria by providing a consistent definition of what it means. It reviews digital literacy across the world and proposes a model that would ensure the attainment of the national objective within the specified date.

Government Digital Services Framework is issued as part of the required frameworks to ensure the digitization of government services in Nigeria. The framework clarifies the various stakeholders and their responsibilities to ensure the improvement of GDS in Nigeria.

Stakeholders are now invited to review and provide comprehensive comments on all three instruments, all comments should be forwarded to and