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Our Service Charter

The charter for the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) stipulates the services provided by the primary service windows in the Agency and the standards to which these services are performed within the specific time frame. It also informs the staff, stakeholders and customers of the procedure for registering complaints in the event of a service failure.
The contents of the charter are subject to timely review in line with structural, administrative or policy change that may be deemed necessary for the improvement of service delivery and the attainment of organizational mandates and strategic goals. This will enhance performance and keep the staff up to date with the revolving trend in the IT industry.
The Charter clearly specifies our mandate, services rendered by all departments and our grievance redress mechanism among other things. The main desire of the Agency is to become one of the leading IT Agencies in Africa with respect to effective service delivery.

Vision:To make Nigeria a digitally empowered nation, fostering inclusive economic growth through technological innovation.

Mission:We drive digital transformation to empower Nigerians through digital innovation, accessibility and enabling regulations.

The NITDA Service Charter is available for download