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Does NITDA offer employment after completion of the scholarship? 2016-06-15T13:02:26+00:00

No, NITDA does not offer employment.

Does the scholarship cover local Universities? 2016-06-15T13:02:34+00:00

Yes, the Scholarship covers local Universities.

How are candidates selected for NITDEF Scholarship? 2017-01-09T20:49:45+00:00

After application, shortlisted candidates will be required to write an aptitude test, upon which the scholarship will be awarded to two candidates with the highest scores, one person selected from each state for MSc and one person per geopolitical zone for PhD.Note: that the PhD scholarship is only for lecturers in Higher Institutions.

How do I register a Government domain name? 2016-06-15T13:02:48+00:00



Can I register .gov.ng with a private accredited registrar? 2017-01-09T20:49:45+00:00

No, “.gov.ng” domain can only be registered by NITDA.

How do I register as a contractor? 2016-06-15T13:03:46+00:00

Contractors are required to register with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), which in turn issues a Certificate of Registration.

What is the relationship between NITDA, OIC and OIIE? 2016-06-06T09:14:53+00:00

Office of Nigerian Content (ONC) and Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE) are subsidiaries of NITDA.

What is NITDEF Scholarship? 2016-06-15T13:03:59+00:00

NITDEF is the National Information Technology Development Fund Scholarship which is meant for Nigerian graduates, who have made a First Class or Second Class Upper in any IT related course. The scholarship covers only Msc and PhD.

Who is eligible to apply for NITDEF Scholarship? 2016-06-15T13:04:06+00:00

Nigerians who graduated with a First Class or Second Class Upper in any IT related course can apply.