Domain Registration

Procedure for Domain Registration

All websites/portal of Gconstituents at all levels (Federal, State and Local Governments) or specialized projects of Government that would last for 18 months or more are required to register on .GOV.NG and .MIL.NG  zone.

NOTE:There are two ways to register a .GOV.NG or .MIL.NG domain name. You can either send a written application to National Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) or Nigeria internet Registration Association (NiRA) through an Accredited Registrar

Registration through NITDA

Registration through a NiRA accredited Registrar


Registration at the 4th level is ONLY permitted for the Federal Government, State Government, Federal Ministries, Departments, Parastatals and Institutions. Registrations on the 4the level is available for State Ministries, Departments, Parastatals, Institutions and Local Governments on their respective zones.

Zones [-]

To update registration information through NITDA, an authorization letter containing the information to be updated should be communicated as stated in “Registration through NITDA” above. The verification and approval for update follow the same process in “Registration through NITDA” as well and update is effected accordingly. Only domains created through NITDA can be updated by NITDA. Kindly for status of the domain.

NITDA currently charges no fee for .GOV.NG and .MIL.NG domain name registration and update. However, if a .GOV.NG or .MIL.NG domain name is registered through a NiRA accredited registrar, it is expected that the registrar would charge a reasonable consultancy fee for associated services.

NITDA uses, phone calls (through 08140504418, 08119130085 and 08119131085) or official letters to verify the authenticity of the authorization letter and communicate application rejections and approvals.

If all requirements are provided in the authorization letter and NITDA is able to verify the authenticity of the contents of the letter,the approval, registration and/or update is carried out within 24 hours