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Mrs Tariundu Ndoni

Mrs Tariundu Ndoni is the Nodal Officer and Head of SERVICOM Unit. She is a trained system analyst with over 18 years of combined work experience in government and IT sectors in Nigeria. Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, data analysis, project management, business process improvement, strategic planning, and tutoring. Mrs. Ndoni graduated from Rivers State University of Science and Technology (2001) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She holds certifications as a Microsoft System Administrator, Microsoft System Engineer, and ISO 21500 Lead Project Manager. She is a member of the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) and member of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS)

Mrs. Ndoni is a goal-oriented professional with a track record of successfully managing and completing projects and adding value to systems. As a committed, well-organized, and competent individual, she is a good communicator and a strong team player. She has the ability to see opportunities, initiate and carry out business processes to achieve shared objectives. She believes in collaboration and participation of all interested parties towards a healthy system.

Mrs. Ndoni started her career as the Center Head and a facilitator in NIIT Yenagoa, an Indian IT Training and Cooperate Solution organization from 2003 to 2005 after her NYSC service from 2001 to 2002. Upon joining NITDA in 2005, she was posted to Software and Research Department where she worked as a database administrator. She rose through the ranks and has worked in different departments and unit, including Software and Outsourcing Department, pioneer three-man team in Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team (CERRT) unit and pioneer Team member in Project Management Unit.

She is happily married with children.