Data Protection Compliance Organisation

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Publication:                    23rd August 2019
List of Licensed DPCO

Definition and Duties of DPCO

Article 1(3j) of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation provides that a Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO) is any entity duly licensed by NITDA for the purpose of training, auditing, consulting and rendering services aimed at ensuring compliance with this Regulation or any foreign Data Protection law or regulation having effect in Nigeria.

A DPCO may be one or more of the following;

with evidence of professional, academic certification or experiences in one or more of the following areas:

DPCOs are licensed to provide one or more of these services;

Documents Required for Licensing

The License obtainable shall be DATA PROTECTION COMPLIANCE LICENSE

FInancial Obligations OF DPCO

2.Annual License FeeN50,000
3.Filing of Report of less than 10,000 Data SubjectsN5,000
4Filing of Report between 10,000-50,000 Data SubjectsN10,000
4Filing of Report of more than 50,000 Data SubjectsN20,000

Treasury Single Account (TSA) Payment should be made into:

NITDA Revenue e-Collection Account



Qualified applicants are required to download Data Protection Form below, fill the form and upload requisite documents. For further information and enquiries, kindly contact Application is currently closed.