Aristotle Onumo, PhD

Aristotle Onumo is an experienced Information Systems Security professional with expertise in Strategy Formulation, Policy analysis and Planning, Information systems security Management, Project Management, Business analysis and ideation. 

He holds a PhD in Computer Science (Behavioural Cybersecurity) and has achieved the status of Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy in UK Standard Education Framework in addition to ISO certifications on Information Security Management System (ISO/ISMS 27001 Lead Implementer and ISO/ISMS 27001 Lead Auditor including Balance Score Card Professional.

Aristotle has about 20 years’ experience in the public sector, which was devoted to the deployment and management of public sector information technology infrastructure, digital service entrepreneurship, Information Security Management, strategy formulation and policy development.  Among the high points in his career especially in the field of digital service entrepreneurship was the establishment of the first Government led technology incubation hub for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

He also co-initiated the Graduate Internship Scheme for Information Technology with the objective to create a platform for young IT graduate acquire practical digital skills that will enable them to become successful digital entrepreneurs.

Aristotle is currently playing a leading role in the digital transformation process as the Acting Director Corporate Planning and Strategy at National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) where he is presently leading a strategy implementation team for Organisational cultural reorientation toward a sustainable digital economy.  His present role is critical to elevating digital innovation and platform entrepreneurship as a potent tool for wealth distribution and poverty alleviation.

He has his research interest in the field of Organisational Culture and Information Security where he has also published several papers indexing Behavioural Information Security in reputable international journal.