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Standards & Guidelines

NITDA has been mandated by the National Information Technology Development Act (2007) to establish Standards and Guidelines for the development, standardization and regulation of Information Technology practices in Nigeria.

The Agency’s role therefore is to develop Information technology in Nigeria through regulatory Standards and Guidelines. As a regulatory Agency, NITDA is the clearing house for all Government Information Technology projects and infrastructural development in the country.

NITDA has approved several Standards and Guidelines and monitors their compliance for the development of information technology in Nigeria. The regulatory Standards and Guidelines serve as a minimum benchmark in the development and implementation of information technology in Nigeria and enforceable by law.

The regulatory Standards and Guidelines are designed to achieve the Information Technology policy objectives by providing frameworks within which to implement policies. The Standards and Guidelines are being reviewed frequently due to the dynamic nature of the IT environment and technology innovations.

NITDA has developed a number of standard and guidelines  with regards to its functions to regulate the development of IT.

Some of the Standards and Guidelines currently being reviewed includes,

Data protection: This guideline was developed for citizens privacy and protection of Personal Data and the challenges of leaving Personal Data unregulated……click here to download Frequently Asked Questions

Government website:  It was developed for the management of Government Websites thereby improving the quality, reliability, accuracy and accessibility of online information pertaining to Government Institutions.

IT project Clearance for MDAS’: This is to ensure a coordinated, standardized and Cost-effective deployment of Information Technology for the overall benefit of the nation.