• Render advisory services on all software matters to the public and private sector.
      • Accelerate human resource and ICT infrastructure development to support growth in the outsourcing sector.
      • Facilitate rapid development of ICT and enabling physical infrastructure.
      • Develop a globally competitive Information Technology enable services sector in Nigeria, towards making Nigeria a regional ICT outsourcing Hub in West Africa.
      • Promote local and foreign direct investment in outsourcing infrastructure development.
      • Identification of potential government outsourcing businesses to jump-start the growth in the sector through onshore outsourcing.
      • Develop an export oriented ICT products and service delivery industry.
      • Integrate coherent efforts and coordination between the Local, State and Federal Government in the growth and development of the outsourcing sector.
      • Articulate programs for the development of call-centers nationwide in collaboration with private sectors.
      • Coordination of response to incident reported and render support services.
      • Upload of new alerts and warnings on the cerrt.gov.ng website.
      • Organise information security awareness programs.
      • Conduct IT security trainings for all MDAs.
      • Organise cyber drills for MDAs.