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Project Management Unit (PMU)


The PMU was set up for the coordination and management of projects of NITDA. It maintains the repository for the centralization of project information as well as ensures that standards and processes related to project management are adhered to. The unit works in synergy with other departments, units and external stakeholders.

The PMU ensures that projects meet set budgetary and performance specifications and that at all times the lines of communication between the Agency, consultants and beneficiaries are well maintained and accessible.


The main objective of the PMU is to ensure best practice in management of the Agency’s projects, by ensuring that project management standards are set and adhered to, and facilitating communication amongst stakeholders with a view to ensuring high quality and improvement on project delivery and success rates.


The PMU’s key functions are:

  • Provision of guidelines (project management standards) on how projects are to run by developing and implementing a consistent and standardized process of managing projects
  • Ensuring project management standards are followed and all projects meet overall project objectives, scope, and deliverables as stated in the project file.
  • Co-ordination of projects with the involvement of stakeholder departments and units in project identification process, project feasibility study, business planning process and development of project specifications, scope and deliverables.
  • Serving as liaison to consultants and beneficiaries. It is critical to the success of project that there is the appropriate communication and liaison with the beneficiary and project consultants in respect of project planning and implementation to ensure buy-in and long term sustainability of the projects
  • Conducting project management capacity building trainings to allow improving competencies and skills of staff.
  • Managing a centralized database for projects with the collaboration of all stakeholders within the Agency
  • Preparing all necessary reports to the Management
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation: the PMU will be responsible for socio-economic impact assessment, detailing how the Agency’s intervention projects has impacted on the beneficiaries in terms of skills development, beneficiary involvement, community development, partnerships and how the lives of the communities have improved.
  • Giving guidance and advice regarding Project Management Office best practices