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The procurement process of the Agency is as stipulated below:


After the Federal Government appropriation of funds through the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) for the execution of its Projects under Goods, Works and Services, NITDA will place advertisement in at least Two (2) National dailies, Federal Tender Journal, Agency’s Website and the Notice Board to invite interested, qualified, capable, competent and reputable Contractors and Consultants with relevant experience and good track records to apply for Expressions of Interest/Invitation to Tender in compliance with the eligibility criteria that will be stated on the advertisement.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Eligibility Criteria will be chosen based on the extant laws and the particular professional qualifications/needs as it affects to each project and will be published.

Time Requirement for Advertisement:

The time line for advertisement is six (6) weeks in the case of Invitation to Tender and fourteen (14) days in the case of Expressions of Interest and as will be stipulated in the advertisement.

Technical Bid Opening Exercise:

Technical Bid Opening exercise takes place immediately after the deadline stipulated on advert for the submission of bids to allow bidders examine their submissions to ascertain that the bids have not been tampered with while the financial submission will remain sealed and kept in a secure bid-box until they are opened publicly. Only the companies that qualified at the technical stage will have their financial submissions opened.

Technical Bid Examination/Evaluation Exercise:

After the public opening of Technical Bids, the Bid Evaluation Sub-committee will carry out detailed Bid Evaluation/Examination Exercise in accordance with the evaluation criteria stipulated in the bidding documents in order to select the lowest evaluated responsive bid in the case of goods and works or lowest cost, quality, quality and cost in the case of consultancy services.

Financial Bid Opening/Evaluation Exercise:

At the end of the Technical Bid Evaluation Exercise, the financial proposals of the shortlisted contractors/consultants who satisfied the technical requirements will be publicly opened on a stipulated date and time and thereafter evaluated. The contractors/consultants whose bids are evaluated and seen to be among the lowest evaluated responsive bid in the case of goods and works or lowest cost, quality, quality and cost in the case of consultancy services will be shortlisted and forwarded to the Parastatals Tenders Board for approvals for award of contracts.