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The procurement unit is one of the units of the Agency that is under the DG’s office. It is responsible for the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 as far as the activities of the Agency are concerned. The unit is headed by a Unit Head who reports directly to the Director General. The unit is currently headed by Mr. S. Abubakar.


The main objectives of the procurement unit are to comply with the public procurement Act 2007 and liaise with the Bureau of public procurement on behalf of the agency regarding all procurement matters.


The procurement unit is made up of:

  • Capital Procurement
  • Recurrent Procurement


The functions of the unit are:

  • Coordinates and ensuring due process in the Procurement of goods, works and services that form the capital component of the budget in the Agency;
  • Coordinating market survey and maintenance of a periodically updated price database
  • Ensuring adherence to all extant Public Sector Procurement procedures and regulations;
  • Maintenance of a register of suppliers/Contractors for the Commission;
  • Effective liaison with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) for issuance of Due Process ‘No Objection’ where applicable;
  • The implementation of the overhead components of the budget of the Agency.