IT Project Clearance

IT Project Clearance

The Information Technology Centre is a project carefully conceived, designed and fully deployed by NITDA to address the challenge of the digital divide that has hitherto become a great obstacle to socio-economic growth of the rural communities and educational institutions. The project started with a pilot scheme deployed in Ten (10) Local Government Areas (LGA) across the country. In 2013, the IT Centres were initially named Rural Information Centres RITC was remodelled and renamed Public Access Venue (PAV). In addition Knowledge Access Venues(KAV) were also deployed in Institutions which is an essential project aimed at enhancing learning and research efforts by creating reliable access to relevant data via IT infrastructure and services.

The Agency has established 740 IT centers as at 2015. The aim is to establish Public Access Venues in all the 774 Local Governments in Nigeria and Knowledge Access venues in all Government Educational Institutions.


  • To facilitate universal access to information
  • To enhance learning and research, through digital access to academic resources in educational institutions.
  • To increase digital penetration in the country.
  • To provide youth access to digital and online content through e-learning applications for effective learning and self- empowerment
  • To provide a community based platform for e-government, e-commerce, telemedicine and other e-services.


The recent deployment of these centres has contributed to an improved IT skill and knowledge acquisition for Nigerian youths in both urban and rural areas and educational institutions.

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