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The Legal Services and Board Matters Unit is located structurally within the Office of the Director-General of the Agency. Its main responsibility is to provide legal advisory and secretarial services to the Governing Board and Management of the Agency as well as the staff and the general public as a whole in the area of Information Technology and its allied sector.


The primary objective of the Unit is to provide well informed legal advisory services based on adequate knowledge and professionalism in a prompt and unbiased manner, as well as ensure compliance with requisite laws and regulations.


  • Legal Services and Board Matters
  • Legal Services
  • Board Matters and Agency Secretariat


  • Advising the Agency on the creation, maintenance and determination of relationships entered into by the Agency in its corporate capacity; with staff, contractors, government agencies or private sector bodies by way of Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Advising the Agency in the area of compliance with internal and external laws and regulations as regards the activities of the Agency.
  • Collaborating with the Standards, Guidelines and Regulations Department by making inputs into the core functions of the Agency which is the creation and enforcement of Standards, Guidelines and Regulations.
  • Advising the Agency on the implementation of the legal aspects of the Information Technology Policy and the NITDA Act 2007.
  • Providing Draft Legislations in the area of Information Technology in order to create an enabling environment in Nigeria for development of Information Technology.
  • Serve as the Secretariat to the Governing Board of the Agency.
  • Provide any other legal and advisory services that may be required of the Unit by the Agency from time to time.
  • Ensure compliance with extant laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Negotiate and structure legal relationships on behalf of the Agency.