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IT Infrastructure Solutions


IT Infrastructure Solutions Department (ITIS) is the core technical department of the agency. ITIS is saddled with the responsibility of designing, drafting and developing all technical specification for all IT infrastructure projects that are to be carried out directly by NITDA or through a contractor assigned by NITDA. ITIS is also responsible for developing guidelines and specifications for capacity development training for both the Agency’s staff and Nigerian citizens in the area of Information Technology.


  • Hardware Solution and Testing
  • Software Solution
  • Networking
  • IT Laboratory
  • IT Solution Professional development and Outreach.


  • Set up technical specification for all hardware and software materials for NITDA projects.
  • Deploy and maintain all IT infrastructure and services of the Agency.
  • Monitor and supervise the Agency’s projects awarded to private contractors for proper implementation.
  • Conduct training on IT knowledge and practice for manpower development for MDAs.
  • Run and maintain NITDA’s Cisco Regional Academy.
  • Contribute to inter-departmental policy/strategy development and implementation.
  • Coordinate the implementation of cobit5 in the Agency and MDAs