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IT Frameworks

NITDA has a function to Develop and regulate Information Technology in Nigeria and its major mandate under the NITDA Act 2007.

In line with the above, the Agency creates regulatory frameworks for the development of Information Technology in Nigeria. Information Technology frameworks are a set of instructions or rules use to solve problems. IT frameworks are mostly used as a guide to decide on relevant actions to address a particular IT related problem.

Furthermore, NITDA is at the forefront of regulating information Technology activity in Nigeria, NITDA, therefore, needs to protect the users of IT products and services against substandard through regulatory frameworks to ensure Reliability, Efficiency, Integrity & Trust on IT service delivery in Nigeria.

NITDA Information Technology regulatory frameworks serve as a conceptual structure that will serve as a support or a guide for the building and development of IT in Nigeria.

The Agency has developed several regulatory frameworks for information technology development. However, most of the frameworks have been published both on soft copy and hard copy by the Agency.

The Agency is currently embarked on the development of two regulatory frameworks for Information Technology development in government establishment.

Framework for the use of social media for Nigerian governments:  This is created to enable government institutions to use social media platforms more effectively in reaching out to their stakeholders. This will assist them to understand themselves when transacting government businesses. It will provide standards and operating procedures for using social media in government establishment. This will ensure Transparency, Accountability, Easy of doing business, Participatory Governance and Strengthen democracy.

Nigerian e-Government Interoperability Framework (Ne-GIF): This will create an enabling Information Technology environment for government digital transformation in Nigeria. It will encourage cross portfolio services among MDAS’ and business services delivered seamlessly.