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Freedom of Information


The Freedom of Information Unit (FOIU) was established pursuant to the provisions of Sections 2 (3) (f), 3(4) and 29(1) (h) of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, 2011 ( hereafter referred to as the “the Act”) and Guidelines (as may be revised) given under the authority of the Attorney General of the Federation(AGF), to ensure that the Agency complies with the provisions of the Act and also manage the entire spectrum of the Freedom of Information process to promote good practice in the effective implementation of the FOI Act.


To ensure that the Agency complies STRICTLY with the provisions of FOIA,  2011 and the Guidelines prescribed  by the Honorable Attorney General and Minister of Justice through,proactive dissemination of information on the Agency’s activities using easily accessible media, ensure prompt response to requests for information  within purview of the FOIA 2011 and emerge as an FOIA Brand Champion.



FOIU Regulatory/Compliance Desk Officer


  • To guide Management on the need and the process of disclosing  information about the Agency’s business and activities.
  • To receive, register, review and keep records of all applications received and to determine whether or not an application constitutes a request under the Act.
  • Rendition of Annual Returns/Reports pursuant to Section 29(1) of the Act, to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation.
  • Carry out any other duties as well as legal advisory services in respect of compliance with the provisions of the FOI Act which may be assigned by Management, Director General.