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      • Ensure transparency in sourcing for revenue, disbursement and accounting for public funds with which government executes its programs.
      • Be responsible for all matters relating to finance and management control functions of the Agency.
      • Advice the Chief Accounting Officer on major finance in-flows and expenditure(s) as per warrant, mandates and expenditure authorizations.
      • Be responsible for the safe keep of all security documents, payment instruments and inventory accounting.
      • Pay-roll and payment of Salaries/Allowances.
      • Ensure appropriate expenditure controls in conformity to vote book balance.
      • Process and pay of all approved expenses in conformity with AIEs/Warrants and Mandates.
      • Render monthly accounting returns of revenue (if any) and expenditure including transcript to Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF).
      • Reconciliation  of all the Agency’s Accounts.
      • Prepare yearly Budget.
      • Remit revenue generated (VAT, WHT, PAYE) and other miscellaneous to FIRS and the Sub Treasury of the Federation monthly.