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Corporate Planning & Strategy Department


The Corporate Planning & Strategy Department is a department that is saddled with the responsibilities of corporate planning, monitoring and evaluation, as well as research and innovation in all areas related to the activities and programs of the Agency. The department also manages the Information Resource Center of the Agency.


To ensure the overall co-ordination of planning and research processes that will enable the attainment and realization of NITDA’s strategic goals and objectives.


  • Research and Corporate Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • InfoTech Research and Innovation
  • NITDA Impact Assessment
  • International Collaboration


The Corporate Planning and Strategy department works closely with departments, units and subsidiaries of NITDA to develop the strategies required to achieve the Agency’s mission. The department maintains a strategic overview of the Agency’s mandate to ensure a high level of integration and alignment across all departments, units and subsidiaries towards the attainment of the overall vision.

The department is also responsible for driving NITDA’s strategic planning, corporate performance, risk management activities, as well as periodic review of strategic priorities and monitoring organizational performance. In addition, the department seeks out emergent risks and benchmarks performance against long term goals. The department operates with 5 units with the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the development and management of relevant Policy frameworks that would ensure the attainment of the Agency’s mandates in collaboration with other key stakeholders;
  • Prepare a Strategic Plan for the Agency;
  • Monitor and evaluate all NITDA Projects;
  • Carry out research on relevant areas of ICT to enhance national development;
  • Carry our research on relevant areas of operational modalities and mandate of NITDA;
  • Collect, collate and process information to aid in Strategic Planning and Research;
  • Manage records and information references (Data bank, Registry, Library etc.);
  • Liaise with relevant International & Local Organizations to foster the development of the IT Sector of the country;
  • Organize Conferences/Workshops/Seminars for the Agency;
  • Plan and host NITDA’s Retreat for Management Staff of the Agency;
  • Promote IT innovations for best practice; and
  • Collaborate with key R&D Institutions to produce Research and Development Framework.