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Corporate Affairs & External Relations


 The Corporate Affairs & External Relations Unit under the Office of the Director- General provides the platform to project the image of the Agency positively to the general public. It mirrors organisational goals and achievements using the tools of mass media to disseminate appropriate information. The Unit is the Agency’s diplomatic defense in times of crisis providing an efficient and effective platform for damage control and or, crisis management. It is the bedrock of communication between the Agency and the outside world.


 The objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Create awareness about the Agency’s  goals, services, achievements;
  • Understand the Public and making the Agency favourably understood;
  • Create a bond of trust to avoid risks involve in times of rumours, misinformation, crisis management etc;
  • Render advisory role to Management in the area of Public Relations.


The Unit is made up of two (2) Sub Units, namely:

Corporate Affairs.

External Relations.


The functions of the Corporate Affairs & External Relations Unit include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Ensure that media relations are favorable, productive and sustained at all times.
  • Co-ordinate, collate and document the Agency’s activities to conform to set standards and reflect organisational goals.
  • Work with internal team to develop a strategic PR Strategy and provide counsel on media campaigns or project.
  • Proactively respond to editorial inquiries and requests as appropriate and manage the process accordingly.
  • Maintain a functional, intra-departmental communication system whereby information is effectively communicated.
  • Assist top management in strategic information/communication planning and leadership issues, including providing statistical analysis and management reports to facilitate decision making.
  • Assist in strategy development and implementation of employee communication plans in support of NITDA’s Mandates, Goals & Objectives.
  • Monitor NITDA collaboration network with focal organisations and stakeholders.
  • Issue press releases and circulars on NITDA IT initiatives and prepare briefs for the Director General and management for key interviews.
  • Prepare visit schedule, coordinate the meetings and refreshments where needed.
  • Coordinate and anchor meetings and events.
  • Maintain primary contact database for the Agency.
  • Draft routine official and social correspondence.