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WeGoWorld e-Government Organization for Cities and Local Government

WeGO is an international cooperative body for cities and local governments all around the world that pursues sustainable city development based on e-Government. The WeGO Secretariat is hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul South Korea, which has been consistently ranked a global leader in e-Government by the United Nations. WeGO offers cost-efficient and easy-to-use e-Government Tools, Training Program and consultancy to its members.

WeGo has continued to build partnership and provide necessary training and expertise for building smart and sustainable cities, by providing cities with technical assistance needed to advance the digital capacity of member cities all around the world.

In view of the level of mobile phone penetration all over the world, WeGO has adopted the mobile technology to get cities more connected and solve problems confronting them. This year’s project will focus on studying the feasibility of implementing an m-Government systems by select WeGO members. This m-Government system will be an e-Government system using wireless and mobile technology systems such as mobile phones, smart phone applications and internet infrastructure.

NITDA has been a Friendship Member of WeGO since 2015. WeGO recently conducted e-government Training Program 2016 at the Seoul Human Resources Development Centre, (SHRDC), between May 22 and May 29, 2016. Three (3) participants attended from NITDA

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