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This department was set up in order to propose and create Guidelines and Frameworks of IT standards for effective governance.


    • All developed framework for IT governance (monitoring, evaluation, coordination and regulation of the IT industry) should be completed within one year of initiation.
    • Initiate the process of determining and developing standards for Information Technology in Nigeria (including e – government and the process for domesticating global standards).
    • Develop guidelines for IT services and practices yearly.
    • Develop regulatory policies and regulations governing IT practice in Nigeria
    • Process accreditations and licensing of service providers within one month of receipt of application.
    • Undertake IT products type-approvals and certifications (including the issuance of holograms for certified products).
    • Registration and authentication (such as authentication of Nigerian website, etc.).
    • Monitor implementation of regulatory policies, guidelines and standards on a quarterly basis.
    • Draft compliance framework for set standards, guidelines and regulations.