In compliance with the Executive Order signed by the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo SAN, on the Promotion of Transparency and Efficiency in the Business Environment designed to facilitate the ease of doing business in Nigeria as it relates to the use of ICT for efficiency service delivery, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has conducted business friendly assessment of the websites of Federal Ministries. The Management would like to bring to the attention of the MDAs and the general public its observations and strategies put in place to promote efficient online service delivery in government.

The assessment revealed that most of the websites are not in conformity with published standards and guidelines for government websites. Most of the websites do not have feedback and information necessary to facilitate ease of doing business. For instance, only 25% and 37% of the websites have reachable phone numbers and email addresses respectively. In addition, some of the websites do not have complete list of website links of the Agencies under their supervision and the content outdated. Furthermore, some Ministries either have no active websites or are not registered on .GOV.NG. Businesses and citizens expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive services from government agencies and it is essential that Federal Ministries take the lead in ensuring that information provided on their websites meets such expectations.

We therefore call on Federal Ministries, especially those affected, to ensure that on their websites:

• contact information are accurate and reachable and means of interaction such as online feedback are integrated;
• the content and the list of website links of the Agencies under their supervision are complete and up-to-date; and
• detailed requirements or conditions for service provision and electronic mode of communicating acceptance and rejection of applications as stated in the executive order are conspicuously published.

Furthermore, government agencies at all levels (Federal, State and Local Government) are required to use the .GOV.NG zone in line with Nigerian content in ICT promotion. The .GOV.NG zone is Nigerian Government identity on the Internet. Recently, NITDA management has put in place more efficient and effective measures to improve service delivery of the .GOV.NG management and administration and quick turnaround has been achieved. Requests for domain registration and other support services are attended to within 24hrs if all the requirements are provided. Further information on these requirements can be obtained by sending requests to

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is an Agency under the Federal Ministry of Communications. The Agency was created in April 2001 to implement the Nigerian Information Technology Policy and co-ordinate general IT development and regulation in the country. Specifically, Section 6(m) of the Act mandates NITDA to advise Federal Government generally on matters and issues as well as ensure Internet governance and supervision of the management of the country code top-level domain (

We therefore call on MDAs and other stakeholders in the IT sector to support the Agency in ensuring compliance to the standards and guidelines for government websites as this will assist in facilitating ease of doing business and e-governance adoption and penetration for effective, transparent, accessible, and responsive service delivery.

Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, FBCS

Director General/CEO
National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)
Corporate Headquarters, Abuja
5th June, 2017