Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team

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Computer Emergency Readiness and Response team (CERRT) was setup and commissioned on Tuesday 8th of April 2014, to provide support to MDAs on IT security. Also, part of its objectives is to create an information security network across MDAs by training Information Security Officers (ISO) who will in turn manage their respective information security services and report/share their findings and development with other government CERTS. CERRTng has the following objectives:

  • Generating employment
  • Generating revenue for the Federal Government
  • Human Capacity development
  • Dissemination of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities

The programs of CERRTng are actualized through the following core components namely:

  1. The fusion Centre, consists of a cyber-monitoring centre which monitors the cyber space, especially those carried on Nigeria-based Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. There is a help desk where public and private organisations can report cyber-incidents. We also build collaborative platforms and undertake Cyber-Threat Analysis use to generate threat and incident statistics for planning and decision making.
  2. The Awareness/ Training/ Liaison/ Communications section, focuses on building the capacity of the Nigerian human resource base by leveraging on the train-the-trainers approach. The section also embarks in capacity building partnerships with MDAs, service providers and private sector.
  3. Cyber Forensics Laboratory, analyse and resolve cyber security incidents which are reported to the CERRTng and also assist law enforcement and security Agencies in their investigations and evidence gathering processes by analyzing ICT devices.

The following impact has been made by CERRT:

  • Development of requisite capacities in cyber security tools and technology.
  • Built synergies between MDAs and appropriate private entities in handling cyber security.
  • Assisting and empowering IT personnel from the MDAs in achieving their own mandate and visions.
  • Improved security culture of citizens through security awareness campaign.